Flamenco Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona: the best selection of tablaos in the city

Your visit to Barcelona is not complete without seeing at least one of its famous flamenco shows. So, for that very reason, we have compiled a selection of the best tablaos in the city.

Flamenco is part of the Spanish culture and although it has great prominence in the south, this artistic movement has spread to the main Spanish cities, as is the case of Barcelona. Flamenco in Barcelona keeps that essence and passion that will transport you to the heart of Andalusia with the character of the Catalan city.

All this has turned Barcelona into the third Spanish capital of and from its wide range of flamenco we have picked up this varied selection that will be the perfect end to your day in Barcelona. In addition, each of these tablaos offers a drink, typical tapas or elaborate menus that will round up your experience.

So do not think more, choose the tablao that best suits you and be involved by the magic of flamenco. Get excited about its passion, vibrate with its music and feel the emotion that artists transmit from the stage.

José Julio (Spain)   17/06/2018
We enjoy it alot!

Carlos (Spain)   01/05/2018
Disfrutamos el espectaculo flamenco

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