Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island tickets

Battery Park, New York, NY 10004, EE. UU.

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Book the ticket for the boat that will take you to know the most famous statue in the world.

A boat trip that will take you to two representative islands, the Liberty Island, where the Statue of the Liberty is located and the Ellis Island, the main customs of the New York city. In this route you can find a national monument of the history of the city, and of the United States as well.

Board in a travel throughout the history, a visit as million of immigrants made looking for a a better life in America.

What to do in New York: Board trip in the Liberty Island and Ellis Island

New York is not simply visit Manhattan and its amazing skyscrapers, there are several ways to enjoy the city and know the history.

The alternative that we show today is a relaxed boat trip surrounding both most important islands in the city: Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Two Islands which sybolize freedom and hope, the entrance to the oportunities land.

The board trip offers interesting information about both islands and monuments. The boat departs from the battery Park, the first stop is in the Liberty Island, in this island is located the famous statue of " The liberty lighting up the world", where you will be able to see every single detail that form this statue and its symbolism*.

After that, the boats goes to the historical Ellis Island, Which was the main access door for the immigrants who tried to acceed to America. This views show you the process for those who wanted to acceed to the country. An inmersion cultural experience thanks to the exhibitions of the National Immigration Museum, They will show you the reality for million of persons in the begining of the XX century.

Without doubt a visit to two places of vital imprtance for the history of New York, and United States.

*The visit inside the Statue of the Liberty is not included.


  • From Monday to Sunday: From 8,30 to 16,40 ( the last department at 15,30)
  • The boats departs every 20 minutes from Battery Park
  • Length of the trip: 3 hous aproximately.

Price of the tickets for the Statue of the Liberty and Ellis Island

Joining to this adventure throughout the American history is really easy, a trip in both islands most important in New York.

Enquiry prices and discounts of the tickets for young and people over 65 years. When you have your ticket, it can be changed in the ticket office number 6, in the Clinton Castle of Battery Park, be aware that the tickets cannot be cancelled.

When the process is finished, get into the boat and enjoy the trip.

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Battery Park, New York, NY 10004, EE. UU.

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Tickets Estatua de la Libertad e Isla Ellis

National Monument of history.

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