Flamenco Madrid tickets

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Flamencos in Madrid: the best flamenco shows and tablaos in the capital

If you want to live some of the most important flamenco shows in Madrid, buy your ticket now. You cannot miss this opportunity to feel the magic of flamenco watching and enjoying a real show.

Choose which show you want to go within the variety that we offer. Live a unique night with your family or friends and learn from this art of dance and music so famous in our country. The bailaores, palmeros and musicians will make you vibrate and be a participant in the shows they have prepared with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

If you are passionate about flamenco, this is your chance to enjoy the best shows on the Madrid scene and also the national scene. And if you've never known it closely and it's your first time, it will become a difficult experience to forget, because flamenco has something that enchants the viewer, a unique charm that will make you love flamenco and want to continue seeing more shows like these.

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Flamenco Cardamomo

Flamenco Cardamomo is the flamenco show where every night 10 artists gather on stage. Very close to the Plaza del Sol and the Prado Museum among other places of interest in Madrid.

From 39,00€

Essential Flamenco

Essential Flamenco: The purest and most intimate flamenco show in Madrid. Next to Plaza Santa Ana and Puerta del Sol.

Ticket includes a drink.

From 35,00€

Corral de la Morería

Corral de la Morería: Tablao-restaurant in the historic center of Madrid.

It is considered the Best Flamenco Tablao in the World, and gives you the option of show + dinner or show + drink.

From 50,00€

Flamenco in Casa Patas

Casa Patas: The most authentic Tablao Flamenco in the city is located in the center.

Choose your ticket which includes flamenco show and Dinner, Drinks or Tapas. 

From 40,00€

Flamenco show in Café Chinitas

Café Chinitas is one of the best known places in Madrid. Flamenco art in a 16th century palace.

Your ticket includes show and Drink or Dinner

From 42,00€

Teatro Flamenco Madrid

Teatro Flamenco de Madrid is the only theater dedicated entirely to the flamenco show.

Choose your ticket for just the show or show with drink.

From 27,00€

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