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Terra Natura, CV-758, 1, Benidorm, España

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Would you like to enter in a wild world? Buy your tickets for Terra Natura Benidorm and transpose yourself to a natural world where animals are the protagonists.

In Terra Natura, you will see wild animals in a new and revolutionary park concept. An innovative way where you will see them with total freedom from the security of some imperceptible barriers for the human being.

Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura is an animal park, which can't be summarized easily in the definition of a zoo. Terra Natura takes care, respects and encourage the love of animals in a new concept of animal parks called Zooinmersion.

The Zooinmersion is the possibility to visit, observe and above all learn the wild and exotic animals of the world live in an environment that borders on freedom for the animal and it is perfectly designed and adapted to their vital needs.

The entrance to Terra Natura is a walk through 320000 square meters of wild nature divided into four zones:

  • Pangea: Habitat of poisonous animals.
  • America: exuberant vegetation, wild animals and exotic birds of this continent
  • Asia: the environment of large mammals and the Bengal tiger.
  • Europe: The fauna that you already know as you have never seen it before.

Don't miss the opportunity to travel through the continents and know the most amazing animals in the world.


  • Opening and closure time depends on the month, enquiry "more information":
  • Opening in January and March, October and December: 10,30 a.m.
  • Opening in April and September: 10:00 a.m.
  • Closing: It depends on the season, see More information.

Price of the tickets for Terra Natura Benidorm

Enjoy the promotion that Terra Natura offers to you now, get your tickets with the discount and enter in this ¨wild experience".

The enclosure is 100% accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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*The requests of a refund are accepted within a maximum of 30 days after the date of the visit.

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Terra Natura, CV-758, 1, Benidorm, España

Bus: Zona de Loix - Línea 1 (Llorente Bus)

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Tickets to Terra Natura

Tickets to the animal park Terra Natura 

From 27,00€

Ticket for Aqua Natura

One day ticket on the selected date

From 27,00€

Ticket for Terra Natura + Aqua Natura

Access to the Terra Natura animal park and the Aquanatura water park.
Visit both parks the same day (it is not possible to repeat park)

From 38,00€

Ticket for Terra Natura + Terra Mítica

Access to the Terra Natura animal park and the theme park Terra Mítica.

From 61,00€

Ticket for Aqua Natura + Terra Mítica

Access to the theme park Terra Mítica and the Aqua Natura water park.

From 61,00€

Ticket Terra Natura + Aqua Natura + Terra Mítica

Access to the Terra Natura animal park, the Aqua Natura water park and the theme park Terra Mítica

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Combined Ticket ALL BENIDORM



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